About Us


is an Environment Biotechnology Company.

SGPL focusses on development & application of sustainable eco-solutions for modern day challenges of environmental degradation includes increasing Water, Soil & Air pollution, water scarcity, water borne disease control, climate change and climate friendly environmental protection& restoration.

Environment Management Solutions

SGPL provide innovative, scientific, sustainable, environment friendly and cost effective environment Management solutionsthrough integrated site-specific design & Bioengineering techniques

  • Restoration of Contaminated Lakes , Water bodies & Canals
  • Grey Water Management
  • Thermal Power Plant Fly Ash Dump Sites &Mining Area pollution Mgmt.
  • Slope Protection & Stabilization
  • Low Carbon Green Highways using Bioenergy crop cultivation
  • Integrated River pollution solutions
  • Urban Solid Waste dump site & Land fill Soil & Water pollution
  • Industrial Effluent Treatment - RO Reject Water Recovery
  • Coastal Restoration
  • Wet land conservation

The Technological Interventions based on eco-friendly treatment system byall-natural& non- chemical process includesBio-remediation, Phyto-remediation, Phyto-soil Stabilization, Low carbon greenengineering; Real time IoT based Monitoring and Alerts&Data Analytics & Sustainability Index.

The Bio-engineering techniques are integrated with green technology live systems to create strong and durable climate resilient Water, Soil contamination & Air Pollution Management

Symbio Greentech is associated with EU companies on Environment Management projects& Smart eco-system engineering & monitoring solutions.